Festival season is here! Here are my top festival makeup picks.

Hey everyone and welcome to my first of many blog posts. Seeing as it is festival season and longitude, indiependance and electric picnic are coming up I thought i would dedicate this post to all of my top festival makeup picks. Glitters, highlighters, gems, what more could a girl ask for?

  • Firstly I am going to start with Karizma. I purchased 5 chunky festival glitters at £5.50 each (6.22 euro). For this price you get 5g of glitter which isn’t a whole lot but they are just stunning. I received a free head piece jewel in my package which was a really nice touch. I purchased these glitters from the Karizma website.

Here are the karizma glitters that i purchased:

1. Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter

Silver holographic is a spectrum of crystallised rainbow silver stars, full moons, speckles, hexagons and dust.  – Karizma

2. Fairy Dust Chunky Glitter:

FAIRY DUST is an iridescent baby pink chunky glitter mix that changes colour as the light falls on it.  – Karizma

3. Gold Rockstar Chunky Glitter:

GOLD ROCKSTAR is an evening metallic essential mix of stars, full moons, speckles, hexagons and dust. – Karizma

4. Rose Gold Chunky Glitter: 

ROSE GOLD is a metallic mix of rose gold chunky shapes & speckles. – Karizma



5. Superstar Chunky Glitter: 

Superstar is a dreamy mix of gold and silver rainbow stars inspired by clear summer evenings. – Karizma

Free Head Jewel: 


Next up I’m going to talk about a brand that I really love for glitters and there’s a bonus, It’s so so affordable! All you glitter addicts will love this site.

The loose chunky festival glitters retail at £6.99 (7.89 euros) for a huge 15g (YES THAT’S RIGHT FIFTEEN), which means that it is wayyyy better value than Karizma and you get 10g more product. I have ordered from GlitterEyes loads of times and I could never fault them.

1. Dragon Scales: 

Dragon scales is a gorgeous iridescent glitter. This glitter is made up of hexagon shapes and is green, blue and purple. So magical and mermaidy!

2. Rainbow Stars:

RainbowStars – just a pot full of twinkling rainbow stars! It is made up of multicolored stars which reflect off of light beautifully. This glitter would go with pretty much any makeup look and would look fab in hair too!

3. Glitter Party and Prom Queen Pressed Glitters:

Our Pressed Glitters are a dream to work with, no glue, no mess – they just glide on. They are just as super sparkly as our loose glitters and stay on for hours! Easy to wipe off and are waterproof too. Absolutely fool proof and a great time saver. -Glitter Eyes

4: Glitter Fix

Glitter Fix is a liquid which makes applying loose glitters a breeze! Just pour some liquid into the cap, dip your brush in and then dip into the loose glitter and voila you have a glitter paint! This makes the application so easy and flawless, no lumps, bumps or transferring/moving around. It is long lasting and you can remove by using any regular makeup cleanser/wipes.


Glitter Eyes have so much to choose from glitter wise. They also have new mermaid palettes to hold your glitters in and they have some fab value packs too!


Glam&Co is an Irish brand owned by a wicklow lady also called Aoife! Glam&Co are a very unique brand in the cosmetic industry and stock lots of products from 3D Silk lashes, brushes, glitters and palettes.

  • LashesThey are my all time favourite for lashes, they retail at 10-12 euros and are reusable up to 25 times. Available in all styles from natural to dramatic. My personal favourites are Coco and Dolly Doo from the naked collection and Bambi from the 3D silk range.


  • The Pressed Diamonds Palette: This palette is absolutely incredible. It has every colour glitter that you need in one palette for ONLY 25 EUROS! Such a steal, everything from packaging to the product itself is amazing (fair play to Aoife!)


  • Glam&Glow Strobe Powder PaletteThis highlighting palette retails at 25 euros for 6 gorgeous highlighting colours. Each shade is very pigmented and creamy which makes for effortless application. Glam&Co have got you covered for anything glowy and sparkly and this palette will ensure that you’re glowing to the godsss.


  • Jewel DustsLast but certainly not least is the Jewel dusts in collaboration with Diane Everett. I love these as a highlighter and there are 5 fab shades to choose from. These retail at 9.50 euros. My favourites are Lilac Vibes and Princess, both these shades are perfect for highlighters for festival season and will add to your mermaidy look.

Thank you so much for reading my first blog post, make sure to let me know if you purchase any of these festivals beauts. 

Love, Aoife x


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